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Publications in Springer

July 9, 2018


We have published two book chapters in Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (VI), edited by Springer

One of our chapters is entitled 'Differences in Perceiving Narratives Through Screens or Reality' and this is its abstract:

Understanding a narrative requires a high level of attention. Today, we are used to perceive narratives not only in real world but also through screens. Here, we approach the visual perception of those narratives by the viewer’s eyeblink rate in different situations: while watching videos with narratives, watching videos without narratives, listening to narratives with no video, watching videos with the same narrative but different editing styles, and looking the same narrative in real performance. Watching videos with narratives decreases eyeblink rate. Video editing style affects eyeblink rate, regardless of narratives. The type of stimulus, in which a narrative is viewed, screened, or performed, affects eyeblink rate. Media professionals show a significant lower eyeblink rate than non-media professionals while perceiving narratives.

The other chapter that we have published in the book is entitled 'RatButton: A User-Friendly Touchscreen Presentation Software', and this is its abstract:

Psychological and neuroscientist research requires precise presentation of stimuli and their connections to cognitive responses. Here, we introduce RatButton, a software for touchscreen research written for iOS devices with a triple role: design, presentation, and monitoring of protocols. It can be used in human and animal experimentation. The main benefits from RatButton are that it has been designed for capacitive touchscreens, that no programming language is needed, and that no PC connection is required. RatButton is also available for easy and flexible VirtuBox environment

Book Chapters
Andreu-Sánchez, C., Martín-Pascual, M.A., Gruart, A. and Delgado-García, J.M. (2018). 'RatButton: A User-Friendly Touchscreen Presentation Software'. In Delgado-García, J., Pan, X., Sánchez-Campusano, R., and Wang, R. (eds). Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (VI): 219-225. Springer, Singapore.

Martín-Pascual, M.A., Andreu-Sánchez, C., Delgado-García, J.M. and Gruart, A. (2018). 'Differences in Perceiving Narratives Through Screens or Reality'. In Delgado-García, J., Pan, X., Sánchez-Campusano, R., and Wang, R. (eds). Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (VI): 365-369. Springer, Singapore.


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