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Device for Animal Experimentation in Neuroscience Research



Multiscreen device to study the learning and the aptitude to autoregulate the own learning in mice, and even in human beings, across the classic and operating conditioning. 

The device consists of a virtual environment where the subject is immersed to studying, that allows the presentation of elements on tactile screens thanks to an ad-hoc software, depending on the mental impulses, of a rapid and flexible way, without need of mechanical manipulation.

No Coding

The patented device uses an easy software that allows researchers just choose elements to be in their protocols. There is no need to learning coding to adapt a protocol to performt he way you like. Learn more...


The change of presentation of stimuli or configuration of new experiments is realized in a much more rapid way and with economy of means. Likewise the presentation of tactile interfaces and audio-visual information is realized without mechanical manipulation.


The patented device uses a touchscreen system replacing traditional mechanical systems like levers for iPads. This model allows a richer stimulus presentation within a protocol.


The connectivity through inputs and outputs is extremely high. The patented device manages several input and output connections. This makes the system compatible with almost any previous technology researchers may have at their labs.

Data Acquisition System

All sites the data generated within an experiment can be acquired simultaneously by the presentation software or by other external systems.

Unique Protocols

Protocols can be created as unique approaches to experimentation. Those protocols can re-create tradional ones previously developed in Skinner's boxes, or they can invent brand new ways to deal with learning and perception.

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The patented device was transferred to industry. Currently, VIRTUBOX is sold by CIBERTEC S.A.

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