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Neuro-Com in AE-IC

July 2, 2018


We have participated in the VI International Congress of AE-IC, that has taken place between June 26 and 29 in Salamanca (Spain).

The congress has been developed under the concepts of 'Comunication and Knowledge' and has been organized by the Asociación Española de Investigación de la Comunicación (AE-IC) -the Spanish association of research in communication

We presented the communication 'Attentional effects of screens in the reception of narrative contents'. During the communication we explained how eye blink rate is an attentional marker useful for media perception. We also talked about our recent achievements in this research area.

Andreu-Sánchez, C., Martín-Pascual, M.Á. Efectos atencionales de las pantallas en el consumo de contenidos narrativos. Resúmenes del VI Congreso Internacional de la AE-IC 'Comunicación y Conocimiento': 357 (2018).


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