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Frontiers e-book published

December 4, 2023

@ Frontiers

The Research Topic 'Neuroscience and the Media', that we have edited along this 2023, has been successfully finalized and the Frontiers e-book, comprising all the articles featured in our Research Topic, has been compiled and is now available online on Frontiers' website. The e-book can be downloaded for free as a PDF or as an EPUB.

The e-book and all individual articles are also available for download on the Research Topic homepage.

So far, the topic has got the following metrics: over 16k total views, over 14k article views, over 2k downloads and almost 2k topic views. 

The topic aimed to approach manuscript related to neurocinematics, cognitive neuroscience and perception of audio-visual content, visual perception of movies, neuroscience methods applied to media content, neurophyshiology of media creator and of media viewers. A total amount of 14 articles are part of this topic and 54 authors have participated on it. From Neuro-Com, we thank them all for their collaboration in this topic.


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