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Participation in Pre-Conference Workshop for SCSMI

May 9, 2022


We have participated in the SCSMI 1st Pre-Conference Methodology Workshops 2022.

The SCSMI is an interdisciplinary organization made up to scholars interested in cognitive, philoshophical, aesthetic, neurophyshiological, and evolutionary-psychological approaches to the analysis of film and other moving-image media.

The 1st Pre-Conference Methodology Workshops took place online last 3rd May, 2022. The goals of the workshops were to foster innovative and experimental forms of knowledge production by enabling scholars to familiarise with the methodologies used in different but interrelated academic and non-academic fields; and to promote the interchange of ideas among scholars intertested in integration across disciplines.

There were 3 workshops. The first was presented by Prof. Tim J. Smith and consisted in an approach to experimental methods and eye tracking for film cognition. The second was presented by Neuro-Com's members Drs. Miguel Ángel Martín-Pascual and Celia Andreu-Sánchez and consisted in approaches to neuroscinematic studies. The third was presented by Dr. Sergio Benini and approached the video content analysis and the machine learning for cinema studies and neuroscience.

Our workshop was titled 'Neuroscientific tools in neurocinematic studies: electroencephalogarphy concepts and workshop'. It presented a theoretical approach to neurocinematic research, a demo for an eye tracking research, a demo for an EEG research, and a section of Q&A.

The next SCSMI conference is taking place in Gandía (Valencia, Spain), next June 2022. Get more information here.


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